How to identify the issues, if keywords dropped their ranking?

Thanks everyone for the suggestions in my last query. I Hope, also for this query I will get the best opinions.

I have done On-page SEO for a website (with including Title, mega tags, meta description) and after that I am creating backlinks along with the focused keyword for a long time. For a time there was an increment in the ranking of some keywords, but since last four weeks the ranking has dropped.

Could anyone suggest me how Can I identify the issues ?

I once used an app comparing serps vs google update algorithms, but sorry I don’t remember the name of the app (or was it site). It was really long time ago. Try to Google it for such site.

I tried to search about these but confused with different opinions. But I will try to search such sites.

Maybe you will find your answer also with Googling “how to identify ranking drops”. Moz has some nice whiteboard friday about it.

I suppose this might help

That could, of course, be the root of your problems, as creating links with the intention of manipulating search ranking is against the TOS of Google and other major search engines, as explained in your other thread:

There are tools related with SEO on google you can check there and may be it will be helpful to find issue related with your ranking

Thanks for the suggestion all of you. This article has been very helpful for me.


So here every body discussing about tool, the question what is the exact reason of drop, I am also facing same problem. can somebody answer detail manner

keyword rankings arent a fixed thing. They’re not systematic, they’re not programmatic. So there is no “this is what is wrong”. Maybe your keywords arent being searched as much anymore. Maybe the page isnt being used. Maybe 100 different things.

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There can be any number of reasons why your site has dropped in the rankings, and only you can determine which is most likely.

Perhaps other sites have created better content and now rank above you. Maybe there is simply more competition in your niche than there used to be. Possibly you were using methods to promote which are contrary to the search engines’ guidelines and your ranking has slipped as a result.

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thank you for information

There are lots of tools available online for the website audit, or to find errors in your website and help you to get the actual problem, why your keywords dropped their ranking. Check this list:

  1. SEO Web Page Analyzer

  2. Answer the Public

  3. Google Keyword Planner

  4. Ahrefs’ Free Backlink Checker

  5. Beam Us Up

  6. Keyworddit

  7. LinkMiner

  8. Responsive Design Checker.

  9. SERProbot

  10. Similarweb

  11. Where Goes?

  12. Whitespark’s Google Business Review Link Generator

  13. Portents SERP Preview Tool

  14. SEO Hero


Hmmmm, if exact reason for drop can be identified, also exact reason for gaining position could be identified. I am not sure if I wouldl trust such statement. Imho.

Well as mentioned above, a drop in rankings can be caused by several reasons. If you are ambitious in SEO and want to compete, I would highly recommend you to create an Ahrefs account. Ahrefs is without a doubt the most valuable tool for SEO.

It can’t necessarily give you a clear reason, but it sure can provide some insights on you and your competitors. And from that, you’ll have an indication of what has happened, how you can change it, and how to avoid it in the future.

Even though it’s not for free, your money is well-spent, and you’ll most likely earn it back with better rankings.

Thanks all of you… It’s great to have such suggestions to understand how can we identify the drop in keyword ranking.

Try to explore benefits of Instagram and Facebook as your priority. Add your specified keyword at the place of “Focus Keyword”. When I was trying to get featured on Instagram and Facebook, it took to long time to bring organic traffic on my website. As a result, I am now satisfied with the amount of traffic, It has.

The ranking has been dropped due to backlinks from irrelevant sites. Also, the quality of content was the other reason for drop in rankings of many websites.

Focus on getting backlinks from relevant and authority websites and also, do the same for backlinks on your website.

It may be that your work on creating backlinks got noticed. You can check the link quality with and avoid getting penalized for your activity by removing everything that looks suspicious.

This is right. Earlier I was working on many site for making backlinks, but when I started working on only relevant sites,it gave me more beneficial results. and also I saved time which I was wasting on irrelevant sites.