How to Identify & Stop Spam Emails?

In our daily life all of us getting spam emails,Email Spamming is generally considered junk mail or bulk mail.
so basically, I would like to know about how we can aware about email spamming in , how we can identify this emails and let me know its prevention ideas.

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I’m sorry, but I don’t see how your question relates to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). How would emails affect search engines?

Ohh sorry i have done some mistake in question…
The Question is How to identify & stop Spam Emails


Well, as you’ve already said, Spam emails are easy enough to identify. I use Thunderbird mail, which lets me tag Spam as Junk, and it gradually “learns” to identify similar messages as Junk in future and removes them automatically to the Junk folder.

There are also anti-Spam services you can use, such as SpamAssassin.

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Thnak You @TechnoBear
The answer is sufficient for me, it will help me a lot

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