How to identify quality backlink's site

Hi Guys,

I want to know how I can get quality backlinks for one of my site and what is the the exactly identification of quality backlink’s site because many people are saying try to get quality backlinks for your site if you would like to increase popularity and ranking of your site in search engine. So kindly share your experience how I can do that for achieve best result in SEO.

well quality back link range from edu site to .gov to pagerank of 3 or better. What you wan to do is have a mixture of all back links. Example you want to have forums, social site, edu site, gov site, blogs, and video. All you have to do is google your keyword and you will be able to find websites.

Here are few criteria to identify quality backlinks

  • Relevant theme (thematic backlinks)
  • No link farm
  • No bulk links from same anchor text
  • No paid links that is solely built to improve search engine ranks

I recommend reading Google web master guidelines where they have clearly provided information on this topic

[font=verdana]Jeez, do people still believe this rubbish? It’s been nonsense since it was first peddled, but I thought that myth had died out ten years ago.

Google does NOT give any preference to .edu or .gov sites, or any other sites, simply on the basis of their TLD. While it’s true that those sites tend to do well in the rankings, that is because they are content-heavy, reputable and have lots of links pointing to them – they would do just as well if they were on a .com, .biz or any other domain. Any .edu or .gov site that is letting spammers build links all over it is going to be treated with the same disregard that Google treats any other site doing the same thing.

Or to put it another way - if it’s easy to get a link, that link is pretty much worthless.[/font]

The metric should be focus on traffic and bounce rate. High quality link means it able generate high referral traffic with high time on site, regardless of no follow, PR or TLD.


No. The metric should be conversions. Traffic is useless if it doesn’t convert. Bounce rate and time on site tell you nothing.


May I know how you judge a link quality base on conversion? Because user may not turn into conversion during the first visit, some of them make revisit the website for couple of time, then only make decision to purchase.



It’s true that a link from a high-quality site is likely to improve search engine ranking. The point that I was making is that ranking in itself is not the ultimate goal. And nor is traffic, bounce rate or time on site.


Install SEOQuake addon for mozilla. Now search for the keyword that you are going to target. Search for different websites in which you will submit. In google itself you will get to know the quality of the page which will be displayed. Secondly you can check your competitors backlinks in ranksignals which will give you page rank related information as well and you can figure out the quality of the page.