How to hide site title and description text from header graphic

Hello all…I just joined Sitepoint after trying to teach myself to edit CSS on my own for two solid weeks with no luck. I keep forgetting that forums exist to ask and give help. I’m happy to have found Sitepoint!!!

This is a WP blog I’ve been working on:
As you can see my title and description text are showing in front of the header graphic. I can’t figure out how to hide it. (the theme doesn’t have a hide header text feature designed into it.)

Because this theme allows you to do so much I’ve had a hard time sorting out where to even try to enter “display;none;” in the h1 tag. I can only find the h1 markup in the themes “function.php” file. I tried the “display: none;” on that page but nothing changes. I’ve written the theme creator but no response from the support desk after waiting 10 days.

This is the WP Theme I am using:

Thanks, Ava

Hi welcome to Sitepoint :slight_smile:

Add this rule to the end of style.css.

.pagename,.slogan {
   text-indent: -999em;

There are better ways to do image replacement but I guess you don’t have that control.

Thank TeamLeader…I added the code to the end of my style.css sheet and though I was skeptical it work (only because I’d tried so many things before)…it WORKED!!!

THANK YOU for you help. I’m released from my nightmare!!!