How to hide link to remote server

I am interested to learn how to hide(LINK) pointing to remote server from within html/php application.
I do not want users to see the directory on my site where I keep my zip files when they hover over.


Bob Ghdosi

I think this is your solution:

Before you display the link to the user create a symlink pointing to the real file location and make sure the user gets only the symlink path in the browser. Depending on your needs you can make one symlink and use it all the time if all you want is hide the real file location. Or, you can dynamically create symlinks with random names for each user and delete them after a certain period of time if you want the download links to expire.

Explain to me how to create a symlink. show me in one line or two of coding how it is done. Thanks.
Bob Ghodsi

Thank you for the link.

It does the trick just fine.