How to hide credentials from address bar while opening from webutil.client_host

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I am using oracle 11g application and calling OBIEE dashboard with the help of webutil.client_host, my dashboard is opening but credentials are displaying at address bar as you can see in below figure,
Is there a way to hide credentials

What code have you generated to send you to that address?

Wow, shame on Oracle for making that even a thing.

You get that URL after you’ve logged in, but unfortunately it appears trying to send something from that dashboard (like a report) sends those URL parameters too. Who at Oracle thought using credentials as URL parameters to hold a session was a good idea???

It appears this is what you get if you don’t use Single SignOn as your auth method. Apparently when one sets this whole thing up, at some point you decide how users will log on, so you may need to set all this up again with the different sign-on.

That’s all I got from DuckDuckGo-ing.

If you are Rai Qaiser Hussein then I hope someone here on SitePoint forums is some kind of expert user as you’ve already asked in the same place I would have (Oracle’s own forums). It’s probably true what C Berg said about you’d need separate setups to have one that doesn’t show the credentials and one that does. :frowning:

If you’re wondering if there’s some way Javascript can hide those: no. The folks who built the web don’t want pages to be able to do that for very good reasons. Whatever you do will have to be done at the server level.

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Plz see attached Image

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