How to hide and show textbox after select listmenu box value

<select name=“select” >
<option value=“0”>Select any one</option>
<option value=“hide”>Trainee</option>
<option value=“show”>Product</option>

<td><input name=“designation” type=“text” id=“designation” /></td>
<td><input name=“organization” type=“text” id=“organization” /></td>

please help me how to hide both text box after select Trainee value from listmenubox
and after select Product both textbox show

please help how to hide and show after select value from listmenu box, textbox hide and when i select another value then it show

please help me as possible as

  1. gain a reference to the form
  2. gain a reference to the select field
  3. associate a function with the onchange event of that select field
  4. the function checks the selected option’s value, and:
    4.1 hides the two text boxes
    4.2 or shows the two text boxes

Do you know how to achieve those basics as outlined above?
Let us know if you have trouble with any of the above, and we’ll take you through the best ways to achieve them.

Thank’s for replay
i have try some type of function and code but not work that
may u help me , some practicaly or with sourcecode then i will get some good info
give me some code for doing that

There is a symbiotic relationship between HTML and JavaScript.
Any script that is given relies entirely on the HTML code you will put it with.

What is the HTML form that your script will need to work with, and what script do you currently have?

We will happily teach people how to do things here. Do you want to learn?