How to have colspan like this

hi folks,
i m developing a table strcture which is like in the attached picture. the left side table couple of tr and td’s. what i can’t get and can’t make is table colspan on right side which is equal to the size of tables opposite to it. how can i achieve it?

I’m confused reading the conditions and trying to visualize them as the image show. What table parts should be equal in size? :slight_smile:

Is this table made to achieve a layout? Or, is the table data not allowed to affect the dimensions?

well i made it. i made a separate table and made it float on right

It will depend upon whether you are using percentages or pixels, which have you chosen?

Thanks for sharing. I think we cross posted. :wink:

You didn’t explain the problem further, I’m still not sure what you wanted.

If your tabular data in the right-hand column is associated with the data in the middle- and left-hand columns, you should do this:

  <td colspan="2"></td>
  <td rowspan="2"></td>

This will produce the table structure you have illustrated.

If your table doesn’t contain tabular data, you should use divs in stead.