How to have an text next to an image

I am looking to create a page in wordpress exactly like this one:

Apple - iPhone 4 - FaceTime, Retina display, and more features

Where there is a picture and text next to it, and it alternates with the picture being on the left or right side.

Is there any way of doing that in the Wordpress Post Editor or would I need to create a page template?


if you know a bit about html; you can do this with tables, or div tags

hes right, but there are WP plugins that can help you achieve this. Ckeditor plugin increases the functions of the posts/pages editor and easily allows you to create tables and set html properties without really knowing much html.

There are probably more plugins like that so try to find one that suits you :smiley:

Nova is incorrect, there is no plugin needed to do this. This is simply a simple image align issue. If you are adding the image via the media gallery button, the alignment is one of your options prior to inserting in the post.

yes however it adds some extra features that come handy

uhm such as what?

tables and iframes among other stuff, it all comes down to personal opinion i guess

tables and iframes should not be used for positioning - unless you are coding for the year 1998. You also said “the plugin does ___”, but never say which plug in

i think your missing the point, i wasn’t suggesting these for positioning i merely stated that this plugin was a good way of using tables and divs without needing to code html.

As to the plugins name i mentioned it up there, CKEditor.

Sorry - I missed the CKEditor line. Yes it allows a more rebust post editing experience. Sorry “use CKEditor” is a bad suggestion for OP. It is like saying a person should buy a new car or engine vs changing the oil.

Thought the suggestion wouldn’t harm since its a plugin, my bad sry

I think it is not possible to add text just after an image. I tried but found it is impossible.

use html test align or the editor , it is easy if you use dreamvaver

Max, it isn’t possible using the default WYSIWYG editor in WP. If you know HTML, you can edit the code directly. Or you can load a plugin, such as CKEditor, that gives you an even more robust editor.