How to handling folder / files not found err msg when you upload it to a hosting service

Hello Everybody,

Whats the best way to handle, cannot find folder/file error messages when you upload to a hosting service from a local machine?

I’m use XAMPP on my local computer to write the web application but when I copy/past my application to the hosting service it throughs a lot of folder / file not found error messages for obvious reasons.

whats a best practice or how can i write the application so that the application accommodates the change in the environment and or be more dynamic?

Make sure that those folders or files exist? Just saying.

Use an FTP Client with “Synchonised Browsing” and “Directory Comparison” to check the folder structure and files present are the same on both sides.
Check how you define file paths. Absolute paths set up locally may not work on the remote server, it’s safer to use relative paths.
The error message will name the missing files, so you know which ones to check.

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Hi SamA74,

I was hoping to make it more dynamic.

Say if i decided to sell my application, in that instance I wouldn’t necessary know there system to configure the folder/file locations. I like to get away from someone customizing the path to make it more resilient.

Need something more outside the box…:slight_smile:

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