How to Handle This

I am having a similar page structure as this one → Click Here.

You can see on the top there is a header background image, but in the real life situation it happens that sometimes we won’t put that image in that case the design will break.

Please do to the inspect part and if we completely delete this part →

<div class="post-header-full " style="background-image: url(;" data-wpex-post-id="57942"><div> the design breaks.

Is there any solution in design that the box that is overlapping with the header menu once the div I showed you above is deleted.

My developer is suggesting me that this doable, but we have to use two classes if there is no image then we will use some other class.

I recommend you create an actual demo illustrating the problem. I deleted that div in the inspector but don’t see an issue.


Ok Sir.

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