How to go about creating dust animation using Wordpress

Hi guys,
So i’m not a coder, nor do I have any coding skills. However, I am working to put out an e-commerce site. I’ve asked my graphic design team for a very specific animation, and they told me to do some research on the easiest way to go about implementing it. I’m looking for interactive scroll animation. What I want is an image of dust settled at the bottom of the page and then for it to begin swirling or moving when you go to scroll, and then for it to settle again once you’ve stopped moving the page. Writing it out here, it does sound like a pretty complex animation, but since i have no coding background, I really don’t know how feasible this would, and also, where to start in terms of programs and plugins, (i’ve been told that bootstrap is good, but my team wants me to look into using Animate it). Can someone tell me how complex or easy this animation would be to include on my site, and also, what would be the best method for doing so?
Thank you!

Hi laraten, welcome to the forum

It might be possible using only CSS but I think for the “stirred up when scrolled” you’ll need JavaScript.

Thank you so much for the response!

So would there be a template out there for swirling dust, or would that be something I would have to get someone to create for me?

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