How to give two arguments in console.log()?

While, I’m playing with the Prototype, I want to show the multiple variables like

Person.prototype.lastName = 'Verma';
Person.prototype.companyName = 'Abihi'

How can I add the companyName without creating the second console.log like console.log(john.companyName);

Is there any way to write side by side - “Verma, abihi” ?

hi, just separate them by commas console.log(var1, var2, var3);

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To get the formatting as you’ve shown in your desired output, try

console.log(var1 + ', ' + var2);

Or using template strings:

console.log(`First name: ${var1}, last name: ${var2}`);
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Yet another way… :-)

console.log('%s, %s', var1, var2)

I just tried that way (curiosity is a terrible affliction you know), and got an output in the format…

// "%s, %s" "var1" "var2"

Is that what you’d have expected, or have I misunderstood something?

Huh… not sure, this works fine in chrome and firefox:

var var1 = 'foo', var2 = 'bar'
console.log('%s, %s', var1, var2)

Which browser are you using? It’s certainly odd that those variable names are getting interpreted as strings…

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I’m in Chrome, but was using the Codepen console (there was a tab open). Best check it in a proper console then.

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Maybe it’s an addition of npm, who knows these days? :stuck_out_tongue: I have never seen it that way but then again I’m falling far behind the npm boat

That works better. Lesson noted.

It’s a WHATWG specification. ;-)

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