How to get your site in top 3 results

My site almost have its 85% of keywords in top 10 in google, now i want them in top 3, can anyone suggest what should i do for this??

Just focus on the content

Do you think there are special tricks to this?

Keep doing what you did to get them on page one - only 10-100 times more/better…

Analyze the factors making other site in top3 spots, track their backlinks, also analyze their site structure, add better content to your site and also use in-content hyper linking to network your website (like the same way wikipedia does) but only do relevant in-content linking

Wordpress do have a plugin for this but I’m not sure if you are using wordpress because it will automate your work easily

content and backlinks are the key for serp ranking these days. for backlinks its important to get links from related websites.

I would write more articles with the keywords that are in the top 10

  1. Patience
  2. Hard Work
    a. Keyword rich, good content
    b. Internal links to the top sections
    c. External Links (in no particular order)
    1. Blog entries
    2. Blog comments
    3. Forum comments
    4. Articles
    5. Press Releases
    6. High Ranking Directory Submissions

Well, you can apply the promotion techniques. But the proven success is the interesting and informative content. If your content and other features fascinates and helpful for the visitor, it will bring you all of the rest.

I agree with Expressweb. You can understand how your competitors ranking in the top results if you do competitor analysis on them and can apply the same with better strategies in order to rank top!

Please Read: The Ultimate SEO Checklist

  • Keywords and Keyphrases
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Avoid Being Banned
  • Getting Listed
  • Ongoing Links Campaign
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Does anyone have anything to add that hasn’t been covered elsewhere or already mentioned?

There just might be. :wink:

Obtaining spots 4-10 is very good, but the top 3 are the best of the best
and might require a few special tricks to beat.

Such as link bait and viral videos.


Yes you can do it.Write more articles and submit them.Try to get back links on those keywords whose ranking you want improve.

In I read post talk about your problem search on it I think you know more after read it.

Remember, it’s ALL about the BACKLINKS! Now, having said that, if you really want VERY good results, the formula is QUALITY CONTENT + BACKLINKS. However, LINKS override everything. If a site has enough high quality backlinks, Google will rank them high.

I could not agree more… My blog was indexed within two days and ranked in the first two pages in less than three weeks. I continued to add quality content
and was able to reach the top three. So, as someone else said here, there really is NO secret formula. The most important things are content and backlinks.

Blog comments
Forum posting
Social bookmarking
Press Releases
Directory Submissions

Content at all well not put your site to the top 3 results you need also some good keyword research and backlinks on it. :smiley:

It requires hard work and Patience. Do whatever you are doing and one more thing you can do put your website link to high PR websites with keywords you want to promote…

OK, now I’m really confused. No one has ever answered this question:

What exactly is a high PR site?

How does linking to such a site using my keywords help my site?

Just continue doing those promotion of yours coz’ you’re doing the right thing. There’s no shortcut on this one but if you want to surpass your competitors, you must double up your work.

If your site is in the level of 6-10, we can consider it as a high PR site as for me to say.