How to get your company name at the end of FB

Hi all,

This has been bugging me for a while now.

How do you get your company name after the .com of FB like this…

I see it all over the place with large corporations, but in my acct. it wants the REAL first & last name of the FB acct & then basically threatens you if it’s bogus LOL



you username reflect your company name. As tols by BPartch in the above reply.

You have to set your username on facebook.

What you mean is the facebook pages or just a profile account?

Thanks guys. I had a feeling it was that, BUT, I don’t use SMS & it says this when you are about to change the user name…

If you have a mobile phone that can receive SMS message, you can verify via mobile phone. If not, please try to register your username at a later time.

Didnt understand ur ques. i would like to help, if i had understood.

It says the only way to change the user name is by verifying via SMS & I don’t use SMS.


I’m not sure on a business page. I have a personal page but I didn’t have to verify via SMS when I created my vanity URL but that was last June I think. They may have changed it since then.

I don’t understand, there are separate biz vs. personal FB accts.?

To be honest I am unsure of all the features of FB.

why do you want that? I can not fingure out how it can promote your company.

I think it may not be possible because facebook profile page url shows id rather than your username, comany name.

sorry i never try this …
Can be easy to do promotion with this ???


you use user name of your company.When you submit your data at that time you write a username than you get the name.