How to get visitors + sell products?

Luckily for me, I can create blogs and websites with ease. HTML/CSS/Photoshop comes easy to me. With my knowledge, I want to create niche websites that will earn passive income OR that I could eventually sell. My only problem is that getting visitors is confusing and hard and conversion rates between clicks and sales is at a rock bottom. Between my few sites that I’ve given this a go with, not one sale. Adsense is about at 0.01 day. What am I doing wrong? OR what can I do to improve?

Conversion rates comes down to your sales copy… how good it is. Do you also have a money back guarantee? Have you added some bonuses if they will “buy now”?
Have you worked hard on the keywords for your site?
Creating traffic is the hardest part of having an online business. Just for a start, you need to:

  1. Write high quality 400 - 500 word articles about your main keyword and submit them to article directories.
  2. Sign up to a couple of good forums like this one and post valuable information at least once per day.
  3. Write some press releases about yourself/your business. Only if there’s something really interesting that you have to say. And get them distributed on the free press release sites you’ll find if you do a search.
    As you’ve found out AdSense is an abysmal rate of return for the space they occupy on your site. Go to Clickbank marketplace and find some products that are in your niche, but not in direct competition with you and add an affiliate link to your site. At least this way, if someone makes a purchase via your link, you’ll achieve 50% plus (possibly) for each sale. PayDotCom is another place full of products you can be an affiliate for.

I like to use Q&A / discussion sites like Quora to find customers. It’s a great way to find people that show intent to use a product.

This Inc magazine article discusses the technique:

thanks! I’ll try these out :slight_smile:

Depending on the product you want to sell, you might wanna learn creating newsletters or mini-courses. It is a effective way to boost conversion rate.