How to get unbiased SERP rankings

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I want a method to get an accurate SERP ranking for a keyphrase. I was under the impression that if I cleared my cache & cookies I would get an accurate SERP ranking for say “Brompton Bicycles”.

I know my previous search history influences my google SERPS but Ive been informed clearing cache etc does not bleach out historical searches.

So my question how can you ensure your getting an accurate SERP ranking for a keyphrase on my PC via google.

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

Brilliant thank you :slight_smile:

To double check, use a proxy, and try at least 2. is goood, so is and They will probably use different data centres and give you similar rankings that you can average out for yourself. There is also the seobook tool bar that uses the rank checker which works well too.

You can use
This toolbar will show you result as per Search Engine and keywords.

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