How to get trafic?

Am working at technical site and it’s competitions is very high. am doing all technique’s for this but i want some latest technique if any one know pleas tell me and suggest me what should i do ???


Your question is very vague. What steps have you actually taken so far?

Which activities you have done for high traffic? can you mentioned so i can advice you properly!

Like : Bookmark,Directory,article,Blog etc.

What did you do with those?

I don’t know what you mean by “bookmark”.

Directory–what did you do with this?

Article/blog–what did you do with this? Did you write articles or blog posts? Were you mentioned in articles or blog posts?

Have you gone through some of the standard SEO techniques?

  • Creating a sitemap
  • Submitting a sitemap to Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Making sure every page has a description meta tag.
  • Making sure that every page has a properly formed title.
  • Adding open graph meta tags.
  • Using H1 and H2 tags for page titles and sub titles.
  • ALT attributes on images.
  • Validate each page’s HTML.
  • If you have a retail location, have you added it to Google Places? Foursquare? Bing Places? Yelp?
  • Create a facebook page, twitter page, or an account any other social media sites?

What sort of marketing have you done?

In regards to your question, this common topic and thread has been discussed and rehashed many times on this forum and many other forums as well. It would be the course of wisdom to consider reading the following similar threads that revolve around your opening question. Some threads that cover this same topic and a variety of techniques are located at:

In addition to the threads that have been provided, here are some other common procedures and techniques that can assist as well in order to help increase the traffic for your website.

  1. One option that you can implement to help increase traffic to your site is by creating a YouTube channel that revolves around the services, products or content that your site is all about. A well organized, thought out and prepared YouTube channel can help let others know about your company and brand and more importantly, your website.

  2. Another option that you can implement to help increase traffic to your site is through submitting a press release. Submitting a press release can help a little with gaining traffic to your site. Keep in mind that many sites that offer this service do charge a fee from anywhere from $50 to $300.

  3. Another alternative option that you can implement to help increase traffic to your site is by advertising. Using pay per click programs such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads can drive a lot of traffic if done correctly. Obviously with advertising there are fees involved and a lot of patience and data must be accrued over a period of time in order to have a refined conclusion on what words to focus on in order to be cost effective and beneficial.

You can do guest blogging and try to participate in the discussions where your audience is already gathered. You can also do social media which will not only improve traffic but also give you business after a span of time.

There is not just one way to get traffic for a website. There are several factors involve to increase your blog traffic. First thing On page SEO, Your website title, meta descriptions are very important these days. After then you need to submit your website into Google webmaster and submit sitemap.

Please check Google developer tool to analysis your website leverage browser cache, Your website images are indexing correctly, is these are optimized or not. Please also reduce your server time out. This are basic and on page factors.

Now we will move to link building and social media. Now a days, social media is playing very important role for your website. You can get target audience for your business. Relevant linkbuilding to your keywords and content help you to get more traffic like squidoo lense, hubpages sumission, relevant forum posting and blog commenting

There are many techniques which can help you to get traffic on your website. The most important thing to do is social media optimization. Create accounts on multiple social media sites and comments share and post some useful information and participate in groups discussion. You can also use forum posting which also help to get traffic on you website, all the best.

Doing Social Media for your site. From that you get maximum traffic to your site and your site keyword also get high SERP rank in Google.

You need to do PPT submission, videos submission, image submission, article posting with high quality content, blog posting, forums and social bookmarking. so you easily get traffic on your website.