How to get traffic on our web sites

hi friends
I am new in SEO So please guide me .

The best place to start is to see what Google and other search engine companies have to say. Try the following links to start with:


Hi dear, you can read thousands of blog about SEO. In the Tech world lots of mentor of SEO purposes, write and create SEO tactice everyday. So don’t worry, from today you may read following the blogs…
Neil Patel blog, Backlinko, Jeff Bulas, Moz blog, Niche Pursuite, Search Engine Journal etc.

That’s very true. Unfortunately, while some of them are no doubt excellent, others continue to peddle false or outdated “advice” which may do more harm than good, or simply be a waste of your time.

My advice would be to stick to Google’s excellent “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” to begin with and you won’t go wrong. If you do decide to read other blogs, always check the advice given with the search engines’ guidelines (links in @Gandalf’s post) before you take any action. It’s much easier to avoid trouble than to recover from a penalty.


You can start from basic seo blogs -
First you have to understand what is your website about, next you have to define your audience then you can start with indexing and crawling.
Once you have understood about indexing and crawling you can go with on page and off page.
I suggest you to read Neil Patel blogs.
Thanks, Happy Learning

You are right. I agree with you. we have to read and know better amongest the best blogs that are too much reliable.


did you ever tried alexa master website traffic generator ??

Despite the word “generator”, such traffic is bought traffic. I fail to see how such traffic could be of any value at all. True, the numbers might be there, but without increased conversions, so what?

Please read the posts in this topic. The discussion is how to get genuine traffic (presumably with increased conversions as the goal).


First, google SEO and find your way to Moz’s Whiteboard Friday or Brian Dean’s website.
Second, learn the art of distributing your work across social media platforms.

Honestly, if you do those few things - your SEO will skyrocket.

The simple way is the backlink what does means ? is to comment in the forums
copy and paste your website and make sure that will be stay for more than 48h here google will reconize your website and indexin it , and a remarque not any forum that you comment on it make sure that the website have DA more than 45% how you know ? instal the mozbar extension to your Chrome and see hope i helped you here

Links which you place yourself (those which Google describes as “not editorially vouched for”) are useless for SEO, and link-dropping on forums (and elsewhere) is likely to get you banned for Spamming.

Creating links with the intention of manipulating SEO is a violation of search engines’ guidelines, so don’t risk it, @maddisonjams.

Put your website link at authority sites+top Alexa sites. You will definitely take amazing result.

Create lots of high value content to your niche in written, audio, and video format.

That’s the first half.
The second half will take even longer.

And that’s to distribute it (note: this can take 2 weeks to a month)
You distribute it to:

Relevant FB Groups
LinkedIn Groups
Post it on Twitter
Post it on Pinterest (if relevant)
Repurpose it for
Do email outreach to publications that would appreciate a guest writer for this kind of content
Find podcasts to get featured on

And more.
And that’s how you can build SEO and get traffic to your website.

most forums put links with nofollow tag so search engines will ignore them. So there is no point putting links on forum posts for seo purposes. And as @TechnoBear says its won’t be tolerated if it’s just spamming for the sake of seo.


Do all of the simple stuff first.

Validate your webpages
Make sure they are fast
Add heading tags
Add lots of relevant content
when you create links add useful text not just ‘click here’
Optimise your images and add alt tags and title tags
use a secure server (https) as everything is moving that way anyway
redirect to either www. or non www. don’t allow both.
create a sitemap
submit your sitemap in google webmaster tools and in bings version
use rich snippets if you can/if appropriate
make sure it’s mobile friendly
add relevant meta tags such as description. Use the facebook debugger page if you plan on sharing content from your page.

some other things i’ve forgotten…


You can create a blog on your site and build content that is relevant to your site

I think everything that needs to be said here has been said.

Thanks all for your contributions!

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