How to get this effect?


I’m in the process of coding up a design I’ve been working on and have encountered a little problem. If you look at the image below which has been taken from this design, you will see the borders around the content areas have more than one color (highlighted with a red box).

I was wondering, how would I go about adding this effect in code, should I use something like a DIV within a Table, or DIV within a DIV? Or is there a simpler way I could do this, possibly with CSS which would be cross browser compatible?

Thanks in advance!


Wow, really that simple? Thanks a lot for the fast reply!

EDIT: I actually found that groove seemed to work better with this effect, however it only displays it this way at the top and left sides of the content area. I guess I can live with that :slight_smile:


inset or outset for the border-style