How to get this beta SmoothDivScroll working?

I’m struggling how to use JQuery SmoothDivScroll 1.2 beta. The previous version was great! So I’m VERY interested in this new beta, but I don’t understand a clue of the explanation on in this new version you no longer manually need to add all the elements that Smooth Div Scroll needs - this is taken care of by the plugin. BUT HOW? Is there a special trick to get the code? Could someone explain to me what I have to do?

Well, it looks like that page has lots of testing elements in it, so you don’t need all of that. I just did a quick wget on the page and stripped out the development stuff, and it works fine. If you want to test it out yourself, you’ll need to include all of the prerequisites, including the javascripts, css file, and the images used to style up the scroller.

I have the basics running here, and you can download it all as a zip [URL=“”]here. You’ll have to view the source to see how it works, but at least it doesn’t have all that extra stuff in it. Of course, according to Thomas Kahn this is all very new stuff, so caveat emptor. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.

Thanks you so much for all your help! I checked your file on magicedit, I unzipped your files (thanks again), but the same happens as before: on IE it doesn’t work! With Chrome, Firefox everything is fine, but in IE the scrolling is really bad and nearly not working. If I bring the cursor imn IE on the hotspots on the right and the left, the pointer changes in a kind of horizontal double arrow (a short line with a very small point on both ends) instead of a normal pointer as in FireFox or Chrome where it runs smoothly. Does it work for you on IE? It’s so strange … ! If I wave over the hotspots there is sometimes a short movement, but no smooth scrolling as in Firefox and Chrome. Could there be something wrong with my IE or so?


You kinda skipped the part about IE in your original post. I just checked and it doesn’t work well on the developer’s site, either. I suspect that the whole reason it’s still “beta” is that it will take quite a bit more work to get it production-worthy in IE. Maybe just stay in touch with Thomas Kahn and see if he updates the plugin to better support IE.

Welcome to the world of web design, where IE is the special needs kid of the browser classroom.

Yes you are right. At that time I only checked in IE. I thought I did something wrong. Sorry about that. But thanks fou your help. I know now that it’s an IE problem. Thanks!