How to get the whole value?

Hi all,
I have a problem when reading the get variables.

I have one select box like this;

<select name=“url” id=“url”

But, in the select box items, some values are having ‘abc&xyzlmn’ like that…
If that ‘&’ contained value is selected,
when i read GET variable in the example.php page,
i didn’t get the whole value of selected value…(i.e abc&xyzlmn).

How to read the whole selected value, in my php get variable.?
Give me any solution for this…

Thanking you…

Just a guess using PHP: htmlentities:

<select name="url" id="url" onChange="getTwo('example.php?name='+this.value)">
<option value="<?php htmlentities('abc&xyzlmn'); ?>"><?php htmlentities('abc&xyzlmn'); ?></option>

This will change abc&xyzlmn to abc&xyzlmn

Thank you for your reply…
no, its not getting the whole value.

This is a JavaScript issue, you want to use [encodeURIComponent]( around the value.

Thank you Salathe…

By using this;

getTwo(‘example.php?name=’ + encodeURIComponent(this.value))

i solved my problem…