How to get the "computed" CSS style of a box and apply it to another box?

If I create a new element and I want to give it the style of another element I would likely make the new element share the same class of the old element, as with:


But primarily for the sake of learning, is there an alternative method which may be used in a narrower context of say inline styles or just the as-is “computed box-model styles” (evident from Google Chrome development tool in Elements → Computed)?

Perhaps window.getComputedStyle(ELEMENT) method ? If so, what is the “setComputedStyle” which will set what I get to the new element?

You can do it by setting cssText. It only seems to work with inline styles (which are a BAD idea 99% of the time) and doesn’t work with IE if you’re worried about that client base.

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window.getComputedStyle(element, pseudoElt);

This returns a live object containing the elements computed styles.
If the styling changes the object is updated.

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