How to get table data into a web page with admin options?

I want to create a page in my site by getting the data from the mysql table dynamically into a table with Admin options(means edit/delete/view) and with appropriate selection by the admin as per as that operation will perform automatically/redirecting it into some other page to perform that task…

I want help( or any example site using this operations) regarding this operations…

Thanking you…

without knowing exactly what the database table data is, then something along these lines could be an option

    $query = select * from myTable;
    $rs = mysql_query($query,$conn);
    echo '<table>';
    while($row=mysql_fetch_assoc($rs)) {
         echo '<tr>';
         echo '<td>'.$row['col2'].'</td>';
         echo '<td><a href="delMe.php?id='.$row['col1'].'">delete</a></td>';
         echo '</tr>';
    echo '</table>';