How to get swirls and waves

I’m using photoshop CS2 and I dont necessarily need photoshop if I can find a png version image of what I need. Basically i need swirls I have the images at my site

only problem is as you can see it has a grey background. I need the exact same thing done. But without the background or even if I could find some brushes. I’ve searched on google and will continue to search but I cant seem to find what I"m looking for. Anyone have any idea where I can get the swirls and only the swirls. I’ve also tried every blending and color replacement option I can think of.

It can be done using either. It would be easier in Illustrator tho.

The tricky part is the math. This is simply a COUPLE of curves repeated at a 1-line-width, and offset. essentially a controlled moire pattern. The reason why it would be easier in AI than PS , aside from the fact that stoked past with no fills are easier to create in AI. Is that once you have created your gradients, traced your curved and calculated the offset between the two paths ONCE, then copied the fist offset path, you can use Repeat Transform [command] [D] to quickly and accurately build the rest of the pattern . After that is dont you can outline stoke and apply the sampled gradient fill.

The truth is that looks more like something done in Illustrator

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Wild Rose

That kind of thing can usually be done with the path tool :slight_smile: