How to get started with web designing


Your problem is not so much complicated. You had said that there are many online tutorials regarding web designing but no link for any type of feedback. If you go through the above suggestions you will get answer for this.

But be practical, the best way to analyze your work is to work under any expert,who will guides you and sort out your queries. In this manner you will get feedback on your performance.


Well, there is one thing I have learned in life: no person is born with any knowledge, we all have to learn things from scratch. Most people have learned things that are not related to web design and therefore when they become interested at some point in their lives they become beginners in this field. I am a good example, I am almost 65 years old now and have done many other things before.

If other people call you a dummy for that I call that ignorant really and do not let that affect me at all. But most members here at SitePoint are extremely helpful and understanding. I find that the replies are often very kind and gentle. It is well worth the effort to read the posts.

At all times must you be aware of where you are in the process of learning and not get intimidated by people who might have forgotten that they too had to start at the beginning.

I hate 99 designs for many reasons - but when I was getting started - it really helped me focus on what I thought was good, and what people really reacted to. I also found it useful to take designs that I thought were really high-end and copy them, making alterations along the way.