How to get started with web design career

Hello all,

I have been learning front end web design for almost a year now through a Sessions College online certificate program and obsessively teaching myself. I’m coming to the end of my program, and want to transition into a career with a small boutique studio. To do this, my current plan of action is to seek out the agencies I would like to work with based on style and professionalism, and ask for an internship position. I will of course put together a portfolio of my (amateur :slight_smile: work before setting out to do this.

I guess my question is, is this a good approach when starting a career in web design? I am a diligent and responsible individual who needs to be in a team environment to grow more. It has been hard being on my own and not having any one to ask questions. I’m hoping an internship where I go in being honest about my skill level and doing whatever small work needs to be done, will be beneficial for both parties involved. If you were the owner of a studio, would you be intrigued by a green skilled newbie approaching you with this idea?

Thank in advance for your time!


What about create a website of yourselves and start promoting yourselves in the Internet? At the same time, you can still hunt for the best designing company to gain priceless working experience. By having a website of your own, I believe it gives you extra points during interview!