How to get PHP job with only 1 year of experiences

About 1 year ago I decided to change my professional and started learning XHTML, PHP, js, jquery, MySQL, … (from zero). I have been learning very rapidly and since then I already developed some sites and some facebook apps.

My question is:
how to get job if I have only 1 year of experiences. I am highly motivated, willing to work in any country and willing to work 70 hours per week which has been my habit for the past years. But the problem is I never worked in a company and my code is not done in a best practice way.

Do you think I have any chance, do companies take also people with so low experiences and no diploma if they see that they are so highly motivated to devote everything to their goals?

I’d suggest putting together a little portfolio of work. Companies do take on junior developer roles (the company I work for did so last year) and will provide training. They’re a little harder to come by though. A portfolio will help you “get your foot in the door”. if you lack experience but can demonstrate knowledge it’s a start.

I’d imagine if you’re sufficiently motivated and can show a decent level of knowledge you stand a good chance to be hired, even for a more experienced role. You can expect a little coding test if you get interviewed; passing that will help no end.

In terms of coding standards I’d check out this: Zend Framework Coding Standards. It’s by no means “the way”, but it’s a decent start and will at least make sure what you produce is readable & easier to support.

Please take no offense; however, as someone who has considerable experience in the hiring, firing, managing and training of employees, there is one particular comment you made that raises the ‘red flag’…

and my code is not done in a best practice way

Success is predicated upon ALWAYS doing one’s best AND being willing to ‘pay the price’ necessary to achieve one’s goals.

Since your past scripting efforts were more for ‘pleasure/experience/fun’ I can understand that you may have not had motivation to use ‘best practice.’, and that is fine. However, now that you are seeking to do this professionally, you should select three varied projects (by this I mean they incorporate exhibit different areas of php/mysql usage) you have done and do the following:

Go through each project and

(A) re-evaluate what the project’s main goal/objective is. Remember, this is NOT about coding, graphics, design or using the ‘newest/neatest/coolest/most-innovative’ things available, IT’S ABOUT THE END USER;

B) Review your code and remove anything that does not lead to accomplishing the goal.;

C) CONSOLIDATE your code. Wherever possible use functions for steps/procedures that are done more than once.;

D) Use distinct easily understandable names for your variables and functions;

E) COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT and COMMENT. Your potential employer is VERY cognizant that sooner or later someone else is going to have to use or modify your work - if you have commented heavily it makes life easier and faster for all.

The very nature of this industry increases the likely-hood that the potential employer will not see your polished shoes, cleaned and pressed clothes or well-groomed hair until after they have a real interest in you. They WILL see your code and what you may be capable of.

Again, NOT a criticism, just some thoughts.

Best of luck!