How to get others to blog about me?

So I have a crazy in-house project I want to launch in 3 months. I think it’ll be very useful and an interesting and an absolutely unique concept for a service/entertainment. I want to get bloggers to write about it when it launches. However I am trying to find the best approach to do this. “Best” meaning, finding the maximum amount of bloggers to write, and myself spending the minimum amount of time managing it, meaning I’ll hire others to pretty much do everything with this portion of the work.

I was considering paying a company $10 per 500 word article and hiring someone to give that to bloggers to use. Then I later thought, well, by giving them articles to use it may offend them and might not be effective at all. So if I have something cool, what’s the best way to get a LARGE number of bloggers to write about my project when it launches?

- Simply pay someone a commission to go around asking? (might be tough to find someone to do this) I guess I’d pay $5-$10 to the marketer per blogger than writes about it. Maybe try and get 500 different blogs, so cost =$5,000…

- Pay for articles to be written (500 of them) and then pay an additional fee for these to be sent to 500 different bloggers, that is if I can find a company or someone to do this? This might get too costly for what it is though. I would hope the 500 or so articles would cause a chain reaction for others to blog about upon seeing it.

Upon the projects launch I want as many possible bloggers to write about the project within the same week, that’s a big requirement that within the same week all 500+++ bloggers are talking about it. Maybe I’m not thinking outside the box enough and I’m just thinking too much on paying people. Any ideas, cost effective ones as well as non-cost effective ones?