How to get only multy thread concept code from jffnms opensource


I want to develop multitasking program using PHP. I have seen JFFNMS is a open source which is using multy threading concept. There they have implemented very good manner. Can you any one explain how to get core part from JFFNMS.

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If you want to talk to the hardware, use C. PHP is a very high level scripting language and isn’t remotely suited for such tasks.

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In this case i am not interacting with any hardware. I want to implement multi threading task like wise in JFFNMS. if see in this open source they have done some nice way, like pollers and ect… but i don’t know how to get exact algorithm from there, i mean what are the files need to be taken what are supporting file are there for this.

What is JFFNMS? Don’t ask a question loaded with acronyms unless they are very common. Multi-threading is a term used to describe how the OS splits a task up for the CPU. PHP is multithreaded, but the details are handled at the engine level and there’s no way to interact with it on the code level.


JFFNMS is a network and system monitoring tool. Which is developed using PHP. Link is please download and go through this you will come to know. Let me know if It is possible get the right code from there