How to get no left and right borders on my table

Many of you will know I have been trying to reorganise my site and I have tried to do most of this on my own, without troubling you but I have come across something I can’t get to work.

My web page is The table which begins ED letter code at the top should go all the way across the row. It is a table nested within a table, but something is preventing it doing so.

There are several of these down the page. I have tried to see what is controlling this table via the inspect key but just can’t spot it.

Any help would be great

Give it width: 100% in the css.
By default a table will only take as much width as it needs to display its content.
If you want it to fill its container, you must tell it to do so.

Thanks. It didn’t seem to work in the Chrome Inspector tool.

Works a treat in real life


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