How to get my revamped nextjs site indexed in google?

Hi All,

Greetings! I have revamped my website using next.js

Previously was in wordpress, I have rolled out on Dec 18th, till date the site has been not been crawled by google bot.

  1. Allowed bots in rbots.txt
  2. Checked all the links with server side rendering.

Can you guys help me with this problem?

Do you have a Google Search Console setup? In there you can recommend individual URLs for Google to crawl and you can also suggest your sitemap page (which I highly recommend). Those will get you on the list for indexing. Both methods do work and Google usually will visit the URLs you recommend in days.

Now the second thing to ask is, what will Google see when it gets there? If you are rendering everything in JavaScript (which Googlebot doesn’t typically see) then it is going to index your content based on the HTML it can see. At the end of the day, you want your site showing some HTML that Google will like.

To take full advantage of seo the site will require server side rendering to initially put physical html on the page before hand of to the client. I’m not familiar with next js but in Angular there is a package that provides this capability.

I just read the docs for next js. It appears next js supports both server side rendering and pre rendering. You will want to implement of those or just universal rendering to take full advantage of seo. For any modern JavaScript site that needs to searchable on web server side rendering is necessary for seo. For internal applications it is not.

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