How to get more traffic to my Website?

We provide Web Development, Mobile Application development and Digital Marketing services. How to get more visitors to my site and why should i join with forum discussions? Pls share your knowledge with me.

Weolcome to the forums, @Nscript.

I’ll start with your second question first.

That’s a bit of a strange question; presumably you had a reason for deciding to join the forum. Anyway, the forums are a place for discussion - for sharing ideas and knowledge. So you should join in if you have something to ask, or something new to add to a discussion.

I find it odd that a company providing digital marketing services would have to ask for help on this front. So that we don’t give useless advice, perhaps you could explain briefly which techniques you’ve already tried, and how successful (or not) they have been.


Thank you ! i got ur points clearly.

Hello Friends,

I am working as a SEO Analyst. I was worked many projects. I have done my part of all works correctly & doing regularly. I can bring Visitors to my websites. But, I can’t bring regular Visitors.

What i have to do for bring regular visitors to my website. Kindly share your tried techniques with me to see the results exactly.

That seems to suggest that the problem lies with the site, rather than anything you are doing. If visitors are coming, but not returning, it could be because the quality of the site is poor, or it doesn’t provide the kind of information/products they were expecting. It could be that the site is fine, but not updated often enough for people to feel it’s worth visiting very often.

Web development isn’t the kind of service people require frequently, so I’m not really sure how you would persuade them to visit more often.


Thank you very much for reply instantly. First , I want to change my website how user expecting. Apart from website, How can i bring regular visits to my websites. Is any regular work is there?

Pay attention to Social Media, do advertising, SEO, content generation (with long tail keywords and catchy titles), competitor analysis (to check what they’re doing to attract traffic), ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, check its loading speed and so commenting on similar niche’s blogs. You can also go for paid advertising option if you want to get quick success. Forum discussions show your expertise in your area, so it’s also a great idea to make yourself noticeable :slight_smile:

@VeronicaSmith: @Nscript has explained that they already have traffic; what they are looking for is regular visitors. Your suggestions don’t seem to address that point at all.

Well, if you already have traffic then it’s up to you now to let them stay and come back by providing them positive user-experience. Collect their emails (use optins or pop-ups for it) to reach them back whenever you do any update on your website/blog, promote your social profiles and offer them helpful and quality content.

Yea its a Good technique Veronica Smith. Definitely i will follow this.Thanks to share with me.

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thank you to share .
i m working on two sites and want more traffic to my website. both sites are for medical facilities.

According to my experience, to bring reguler visitors we must understand ‘search engine character’ (eq. google) that really like regular or update content from onsite or offsite.

For example,base on experience again, place backlinks on press release and classified ad which have regular updating content will help more visitor and more backlink.

To be guest blogging also good. Find Guest Blogging which that related to your website nice and write article on it.Check guest blogging site on Alexa rank before post your article on it.

Hope this strategy help you.

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Thank you !

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