How to get more likes on facebook

This is coming from my personal experience.

There are basically two ways to getting more likes on your FB page, i.e. through ads or organically. Running ads to get likes is the most quickest and effective way, since you will be targeting exactly those who are interested in your content. However, you will obviously have to spend some dollars to do that.

Getting likes organically is little difficult as it requires constant activity on your page and patience. Though it usually depends on how much activity you are doing and how much time you are spending on it.

My advice to you is to actively post relevant content on your page (if it’s original, the better), engage with fans on other pages relevant to your page, encourage your friends and family to actively share your page’s posts, and make sure you reply to any comment on your page.

Read the articles others have listed here. It won’t give you any direct instructions on how to get more likes, but you will get some idea about strategies you can develop to achieve your goal.

posts with images or banners get more response than just text posts… also share it in appropriate groups

If you want to get more likes on Facebook, you should follow a list of rules and tips which will help you to achieve a set goal. I suggest you to post more photos and videos, ask interactive questions, like other people posts, avoid posts that appear attention or sympathy seeking. Hope, I helped you.

You can do this in many ways. Here is some of them: be active, post interesting articles, photos, videos, add new friends, like other people pages, etc. You have to show your creativity and originality! I hope that one of these methods will help you! Good luck!

Hello, it is very actuality question for a lot of people!
I think that very important to have a good and interesting information in your FB.
Also, very important to have a lot of friends, and maybe some competitors!
Also, you must share with you post everytime in your linktime, and thanks for this very easy tips, everything will be great and you will have a lot of likes)))