How to get more likes on facebook


If you want to increase your Facebook likes try with AddMeFast

These types of services while yes they may sometimes increase your likes - are not what you are looking for in followers. They normally consist of other spammers that do nothing to contribute to your focus. Unless you don’t care who follows you.

If you are serious about gaining followers and have quality and consistent information you need to find like minded people. People who want your information , people who can contribute to your information and people who will move your information. These are the people you want to follow you and it doesn’t matter which Social Media platform you use.

How do I find these people you ask?

If your looking for a quick fix you will never find them, well maybe one or two and that would be clearly by luck. Social media is not an instant results beast, it is for people in for the long haul! To find honest and loyal followers, you need to contribute yourself. Contribute to forums and other social media groups that have been formed with the subject of your focus.Go to local or distant events of like minded focus of your interest, spread the word. I am sure you get the idea.

My recommendation is NOT to use these services (for mass likes) as your real followers will see this in a negative light and you will lose the people that you wanted to keep in the first place. Honesty is and always will be the key to success and maintaining the relationships that you have made with your followers.

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A good guideline to follow is about 1 to 2 posts a day, everyday. According to an analysis done by KissMetrics, posting 1 -2 times a day increases other Facebook users’ engagement by 40%.

Know your users, then you will know what they need. Once you know that then you can take advantage of that! Create content, images and post in facebook.

The best way for you to get more Facebook likes is through Facebook ads. Although it may cost you money to run these ads, but you will be receiving more likes in return due to its targeted feature (niche, country, gender, ages, etc.).

You can increase your fb like by joining like for like groups and shearing every post or page on that groups. this is the best and most popular way to increase your fb likes.

Sometimes you just get lucky with one amazing post that gets shared by basically the whole internet. But other than that, some good examples from everyone else! :slight_smile:

First of all, you are not going to make it in social media if you are not social. Get used to the idea that you are going to need to reach out and communicate with others on a regular basis, and that all the attention will not always be on you. You’ll have to give something back to the social community and your followers, too, by paying attention to them.

I’ll tell you one of the best kept secrets in social media, a trick used by many very popular and highly respected people (and companies), that you probably can not seem to figure out why they are as popular as they are on so many social networks or how they managed to make a name for themselves.

Empire.Kred, formerly known as Empire Avenue, is both a social media stock market game, and a means of getting more attention on social networks.

Learn to play the game, investing in other internet personalities and completing social media missions to earn “e credits”. Then create social media missions of your own to pay those e credits out to others for performing specific actions, such as following you on Twitter, tweeting links to your site or a specific blog post, liking your Facebook page, commenting on your Facebook posts (even specific posts), sharing posts, or just about any other action you’d like them to take on any social media site.

Basically, you are trading your attention, and that of your followers, for the attention of others. Pick and choose your missions carefully, and don’t complete any that will make you seem low quality to your existing followers.

It’s a great way to get off the ground, but it won’t likely sustain you, long term, without a lot of time and effort. Keep this in mind, otherwise you can get too deeply sucked in and the site will become a sinkhole, swallowing all your free time, and causing you to have much less time for creating quality content. Set daily time limits for yourself and stick to them, and don’t let your quality slip (this is key) or you won’t be able to hold on to your followers.

As an active newbie on the Empire site, you will gain a lot of attention and investors, the moment you sign up and connect all your social media profiles (connect all of those right away). A lot of eyes will be on you, your Klout score, your social media activities, your blogs and websites. The first day is most important, but you’ll have about a week before that really starts dropping off, to take advantage of the situation and gain as large of a group of “social media investors” as you can. Don’t sign up until you can spend a week of daily use to build your profile and portfolio of “social media investors”.

Once you hit a certain level, it will reach critical mass and have a snowball effect, and you’ll end up with a lot more new likes, comments, and shares not related to your Empire activities. It’s at that point you should be able to fly on your own without additional aid from your “social media investors”, as long as you have continued to produce quality content. (but you can always come back to them, if you need a boost for a special promotion, at any point.)

Be sure to pay attention to your new followers, and your old ones. Remember what I said about it not always being all about you. Engage with them, talk to them, find out what they want more of, and how you can best serve them.


Use Facebook Ads ; So , you never will be banned and got penality from facebook :slight_smile:

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You can apply for a job at Facebook and them you can control the work and can do it by yourself, many people who like Facebook will also like you.

Engaging content this is what you need to have more like on facebook. The more creative you are the more you build credibility on your target market. Also, use images that are catch and topic that most people can relate into. You can also try to like popular pages to get an idea on how they create quality post that is worth reading, sharing and liking.

Seriously? Your advice is to go and work for Facebook?

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There are various ways to get likes to your page.

  1. Promote your page by investing some amount
  2. Promote your page on other related pages on FB
  3. Share some interesting posts that people are looking for on other pages and leave the link of your page below
  4. Share your page link through SMS services like whatsapp, skype or hike
  5. Share your page with your friends and family

I hope these ways will let enough traffic to drive to your page :stuck_out_tongue:

Facebook likes can be increased by informing your familiar, Relatives, Friends etc by saying them to like you Facebook account, post and share as many as they can. It is a way to get more likes on Facebook.

For Facebook Like Increase share your content regular minimum 3 time in a single day and always active.

It’s clear that the OP is a beginner, so it would be helpful if you would expand on your answer to provide more detailed information. Share what content, where and how?

And do you have a reliable source to back up the “minimum 3 time in a single day” claim? These kinds of “magic number” claims never seem to have a hard basis in fact, and sound to me more like “magic spells”. If I’m wrong and you have a sound basis for this, I’d be delighted to see it.

Hi, you may get more likes if you are able to attract your audience and have posted a very interesting topic ( a unique and informative content) . It will also depend on the nos. of friend you have.

You want to more likes on facebook to regular post fresh informations and make more friends.

He is joking, may be :smile:

Create buzzworthy conent, and I really mean create, don’t copy. If you truly have good content you can make it spread easily. If that is too much work you can always try purchase already established fanpages by asking owners if they’re willing to sell. Believe me you will eventually find someone who will be willing to sell. If not you can find fanpages sometimes on Ebay, or your can use dedicated providers.