How to get more likes on facebook

These types of services while yes they may sometimes increase your likes - are not what you are looking for in followers. They normally consist of other spammers that do nothing to contribute to your focus. Unless you don’t care who follows you.

If you are serious about gaining followers and have quality and consistent information you need to find like minded people. People who want your information , people who can contribute to your information and people who will move your information. These are the people you want to follow you and it doesn’t matter which Social Media platform you use.

How do I find these people you ask?

If your looking for a quick fix you will never find them, well maybe one or two and that would be clearly by luck. Social media is not an instant results beast, it is for people in for the long haul! To find honest and loyal followers, you need to contribute yourself. Contribute to forums and other social media groups that have been formed with the subject of your focus.Go to local or distant events of like minded focus of your interest, spread the word. I am sure you get the idea.

My recommendation is NOT to use these services (for mass likes) as your real followers will see this in a negative light and you will lose the people that you wanted to keep in the first place. Honesty is and always will be the key to success and maintaining the relationships that you have made with your followers.

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