How to get more leads on my Business

Hello, We have business about Singapore Company Incorporation Services. But I don’t get How to increase more leads on my business by marketing ? What about A to Z processing ? can anyone help me about this ?

Hi @lindawilson2, Maybe you could set up an online site and start promoting your brand which might start bringing you more leads.

Hi lindawilson2

Using social media on an ongoing basis has helped me add thousands of people to my email list, and build some amazing relationships in the process.
The two networks that have enabled me to grow the most are Facebook and Twitter.

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like Rohan said is one of the way to get your business started. Find the best domain for your business & get a reliable web hosting to start it up.

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creative use of social media is the best way to promote your business

And what, in your your opinion, would be the best example of this?
Please go into some detail, I’m a newbie at this stuff.

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means use the keywords according nice and use of #taghs and @ and use of business language also make pr to the local people or business.

I appreciate your willingness to help, @Mehwish, but your explanation is still too vague for a beginner; you’re assuming they already understand about keywords, #tags, etc. The original poster asked

[quote=“lindawilson2, post:1, topic:149419”]
But I don’t get How to increase more leads on my business by marketing ?
[/quote]so there’s no reason to think they know anything at all about using social media.

Also, I’m sure it would be really helpful to them if you could give some examples specific to their type of business.

Here is the link to get more leads on business hope it will be helpful and beginners will understand it quickly

Run ppc campaign with quality content and attractive title, then you can get leads easily for your business…

Your reply would be more helpful to the OP if you explain (a) what ppc means (we have very many beginners on these forums, and not everybody is familiar with these terms) and (b) what you mean by “quality content” and “attractive title” in the context of the OP’s specific niche,

Quality content means description of the ppc campaign, attractive title is nothing but we have to give the most related title with our business…

That doesn’t leave me any the wiser as to how @lindawilson2 should apply these techniques to her specific situation. Perhaps you could give a couple of examples?

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