How to get "market spot price of gold" variable?


How can I use PHP to “grab” the spot price of gold and use it as a variable?

For intance, gold is about $1300 an ounce, so I would like to pull that information and use it to calculate the value of 1 pound of gold, 100 pounds of gold and so on automatically each day.

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I don’t think that fits the definition of “spot price” though :wink:

Thanks for giving me those keywords for Google.

Right now, I’m at the stage of trying to get data to work with and the proper stock symbols.

I later found out that some of the metals I need are “base metals” such as copper, nickel and manganese.

I would like these figures: but it doesn’t even have to be live, it can be updated automatically once per day.

1 find a reliable data feed

[google]precious metal api feed[/google]

2 process the results and format them to suit yourself

What stage are you at?