How to get latest data from mysql table after insert/update/delete on php page

On php page,
After Insert, update or delete any row in my sql table and then it required ctrl+F5 manually to get updated information. it should display updated information on php page (same page as well as on other page)

How would the page, that has already been rendered, know if something has been changed in your database?

At the very least, this is going to end up being a javascript question.

After submit insert row it required ctrl+F5 to get latest information on other page as well as list on same page.
Which should display normally without do any manual process.
This is not happening here.

Show us your code.

Simple. Make sure all processing is done above content query.

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Ah, but that is when you post something. What the OP is asking for is that my screen refreshes when someone else does something (adds, removes, edits).

For that you’d either need AJAX polling or EventSource.

The real question is why is this is actually needed. Is it really that critical that the user knows everything that happens right now? And if so, why?

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