How to get image coordinates dynamically?

Hi all,
I want to know the image coordinates dynamically, and want to calculate image mid-point coordinates by getting that one.

Can you help me regarding this.

Good if it is in php.

$size = getimagesize('myfile.jpg');
$mid_x = round($size[0]/2);
$mid_y = round($size[1]/2);

Thank you for your reply.
Then how to display an image at a particular position in php.?
Actually, i want to display three images based on the first one, right middle position next image will be shown dynamically.

Thanking you…

I don’t understand what you’re asking, or where you want to position the images.

If you mean placing the images on the page then [fphp]getimagesize[/fphp] probably won’t be involved. That’s just the HTML/CSS for your layout.

I want to display 3 images on browser, that are like horizontal and attached one end by another start, with an mid-position.

Why not post an example ?

By selecting the categories it will change the images;
Based on the selected category, the image will change, that mid-position also change…
By getting the mid-point the line/cable will attache for the two ends.

Please see the below page, for better understand::

Give me some suggestions…
Thanking you…

If you made all the images the same height in the first place you could just put them in a table and not need to worry about the dimensions.
Thats what I would do.