How to get good position in

How can I get good position his .nl site in and he need to help.

I have some knowledge about SEO and I can do get good position in but I am little confuse how can I get good position in

Means follow same technique and social bookmarking, directory, blog and forum posting in same site(.com) which I can do for or only specific netherland site means .nl.

Please give me some guide line or help me.
Thanks in advance.

the answer is simple: to have a good serp in you need to have backlinks from sites like :slight_smile:

What you need to do is to convince Google that your site is of particular importance and relevance to Dutch people.

Key ways to do this are:

[list][]Write in Dutch, and is the lang attribute to identify the language
]Make sure that there are sufficient references to the Netherlands or places in the Netherlands in your content, particularly if you have a contact <address>
[]Try to get relevant links from other Dutch sites
]If possible, have your site hosted on a Dutch server[/list]

Beyond that, use the same techniques that you would use to rank well on

Actually the easiest thing to do is rank in specific search engines. Do what I did:-

  1. Search for your niche related blogs and comment on them, convert your comment in Google Translator.
  2. Start discussing in the .nl forums, they really give a big boost.
  3. If possible make a content in the desired language and try to post it on major websites. One or two is enough.
  4. Make a facebook fanpage, and bring likes from you desired location, i.e. nl only. For likes you can use

Any more help required just find me…

Look for keywords that have the places in the Netherlands where you’re based. It’s a good way to show your presence on a local scale.