How to get font-family of a block element

Can some one guide me how to get font-family of an element block (text in Div, P etc) ?

Is there any addon of Firefox for those purpose ?

Thanks in advance

I don’t particularly understand your question.

If you mean to ask how to find the value of a CSS font-family property for block-level element on an existing web page, then…

  1. Check the ID/class of the block and/or parent block and check the corresponding CSS and find where the font-family property is defined.

  2. For the FireFox addon approach, you could use FireBug to easily find the property’s value.

If you just want to check what font is being used in the CSS you can use Firebug (for Firefox, but there is a Lite version for other browsers) to view the HTML and the CSS applied to specific elements. You just select an element and it will sort through the CSS to show only the styles that are applied to that element. It is a very useful add-on.