How to get fast backlinks from SEO techniques..?

Please tell me the procedure to get backlinks faster. I did use some SEO techniques like directories, bookmarks and Articles. Please tell me more SEO techniques.

Try to find those sites who approve the links more faster so it will create the faster backlinks. You can try forumpostings with signature, Blog commenting, press releases, link exchange etc.

Try to get the backlinks from authoritative websites and directories which are having good pagerank. Submit unique article to each article directory for better results as if you are submitting same article in a lot of directories, it is considered as a duplicate content which will never benefit you.

forum n blog n article are the three quick ways to get backlink…

Blog commenting forum posting works… but now a dayz social media also helps for the same… tweeting works well and if you have good content then your followers will retweet it and u will get backlink for that link.

Sorry but this question is kind of repetitive… You only need to do a search to find loads of information and the information from older threads is still valid. Plus RashniG just added the most current method of backlinking… social media :slight_smile:

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