How to get current week?

How do I found out what is the current week?

For example:

4th = would be 1st first week
16th = 2 week
30th = 4 week

I tried echo ceil(date(‘j’) / 7 );
but that does not work correctly.

No that is wrong, sorry you miss understood my question.

I meant to find out what is the current week of this month.

today is 27th, so output should be 4 week.

if today is 5th, so output would be 1st week.

echo date(
    date('F 4')
); #31

Not the best solution I’m sure.


Gah! I misread what you needed, I’ll go back to the drawing board. :slight_smile:

Do you want the weeks to start from the first of the month, or sunday/monday before/after the first? (delete as appropriate)

As I’m sure the interpreter would be as confused as I am… Of which month?

AnthonySterling current month.

Here’s a quick pointer.


function getWeekNumber($day){
  #you need to build this, but not with these values obviously
  $dates = array(
    1 => range(1, 7),
    2 => range(8, 14),
    3 => range(15, 21),
    4 => range(22, 28),
    5 => range(29, 31),
  foreach($dates as $week_num => $week){
    if(in_array($day, $week)){
      return $$week_num;
  return false;

echo getWeekNumber(18); #3