How to get comments and traffic on blog

I have my personal blog on blogspot. I update my blog once in a week but the problem is that i am not getting sufficient traffic and comments on my blog. Is there any mistake in the content of my blog or i am lacking in the promotion of website.

Try to have guest posters on your blog you will get some high traffic from guest authors post and be on every social networking sites and post a link to your latest posts .

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The important thing to consider is … how much scope is there for attracting people to your blog? What’s in it for them? Personal blogs are difficult to promote, because unless there’s a strong theme to them you will have to have something exceptionally good to get people coming back again and again to read regularly.

From time to time, I come across blogs and blog posts – either through following related links or looking up someone who has commented or posted elsewhere – and some of what they have written is great … but would I bookmark it and go back again? Almost certainly not. Life’s too short to spend all the time reading someone else’s personal stream of consciousness. The kind of quality you need to snare random passers-by is way beyond what most people are capable of writing.

So if you want to attract more readers and more activity, you need to have a good strategy for it – you need to know who you are targeting and why they might want to read and comment on your blog rather than any of other thousands and millions out there.[/font]