How to get clients for SEO job?

How to get genuine SEO clients??? Please suggest me if you know about it!!!

Have a really strong portfolio of results! What sites have you worked on, and what results did you obtain?


Thanks Ophelie but i have done with all this but got nothing!!

Sorry, would you mind to explain a bit further? What have you tried?

In my experience (for what it’s worth), people offering just SEO services are best avoided, as their focus tends to be on somewhat petty stuff that is inconsequential in the big picture—things like keyword stuffing, backlinks, text formatting and (in the worst cases) spammy stuff.

SEO is just a small part of Marketing, and I’d advise you to excel in all aspects of that discipline to be taken seriously. Serious businesses with serious money won’t be interested in small players with their cookie-cutter list of SEO steps that they implement over a few months, promising great Google ranking. (Sorry to sound a bit negative, but I’ve seen so many of these I can spot them from a mile off. It drives me nuts when clients employ such people—against my advice—only to end up with no results and money down the drain 100% of the time.)

I have created complete PPT of my offering seo services along with my previous work as portfolio on elance, freelance and projectforhire sites. I also have complete Elance, freelance, Linkedin profile but now got tired that how i will get SEO projects. Don’t know how to get now???

Perhaps this is the problem? As @ralphm says, there are a lot of people out there offering SEO services, and many of them are to be found on sites like this. You need to do something to set yourself apart and stand out from the crowd. Do you have your own website? Having your own site ranking well in the SERPs would be a very good indication to potential customers that you know your business.

I would also agree with Ralph, that widening your skill set to include all aspects of marketing would be a smart move.

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make your site #1 in google results by “SEO” query
show them you’re true SEO-specialist :slight_smile:

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Creating a research based, analytical GIGS. Specifying Organic Techniques. Specifying Time Frame with money back guarantee. ShakilKhan

If you know SEO well, you already knew the answer. Optimize your website for keywords like “Affordable SEO services” so that you can easily get new clients.

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Try to invest in Google Adwords to send that traffic to you landing page. That allways worked for me.

To get clients for seo job build your portfolio with freelancer websites and practice reputation management on yourself, post your site with perfect content in classifield adds.create helpfull articles and post forum posting in different sites.

Making well reputation in market is very necessary and it takes some time if you are trying your best.

Thank you to all who contributed.

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