How to get clearfix to work?

Hi guys,
I have a problem with the Bootstrap .lead class pushing down divs beneath it.
Can someone show me where to place the clearfix class or do I use the mixin .clearfix();

Any help appreciated.

What do you want to happen on that page? It’s not clear what layout you are after.

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I need to eliminate the white space immediately below the image. These two columns (that are within a new BS row) are not clearing the large text on the right.

What would happen if you put the narrow columns before the larger middle column in the HTML? Right after the image, in other words.

The large text swaps position with the two narrow columns.

It seems like you really want the image floated within the text and not within its own div container. (I don’t delve into frameworks, though, as I find them more trouble than they’re worth!)

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That was the answer ronpat, but it needed to be contained in a row and the narrow columns within that row to be doubled in size to col-md-6 to match the parent row container of 12.
Thanks for your help guys :grinning:

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