How to get a short domain?

hello everybody,

For a project that I’ve been working on, I need a really short domain. Preferably, it would have 6-4 letters, and I couldn’t care less about which extension it uses or what the “text” of the domain is. Also, I’m on a budget, so it can’t be that expensive.

Is there a list of domains that fit my requirements. I’ve tried domainr, but since I’m not looking for a specific domain, searching random combinations becomes tiring, and I don’t think it’s the best choice right now.

Does such a list exist?

Unless the domain is quirky (a non word) you may end up paying a fortune for a short domain. The problem with sites selling domains is that they charge a huge amount for them, when you should be able to get a domain for around $10. The trick is to think of something no one else has. But surely you have some other requirements for the domain? The name should ideally relate to the content of the site somehow. Otherwise, use anything you like, such as [noparse][/noparse].

it really cool site for domain suggestion.

i do have two domains
but i can’t sell them because of personal reasons

For .com I don’t think you can find a short domain name.
Try to find one, for .net or .info.

Yes you can. I found several in the space of a couple of minutes, but unless the OP returns with a little more information on the exact requirements, there’s no point in me suggesting them.

I agree TechnoBear. Short domains for .com do still exist. But, we have to have some input form the OP in order to proceed here. Maybe the OP took the suggestion and its a done deal.

to get a cool domain name go to, you will find many good suggestions based on your requirements.

.com and .net domain , is hard to get domain with 3- 5 character while it mostly been taken or it been resold high price in the marketplace.
I would encourage you to take short domain for country domain extension which i believe people may look for it as well in future.