How to get a commission and transfer the remaining amount to the admin, without creating our own payment gateway?

Consider there is an visitor name Akhsay, he visits my website and buys premium video, when he buys assuming, amount of the premium video is 100$, now the 70% of 100$ i.e. 70$ should be transfered to the video uploader and remaining 30% i.e. 30$ should be transfered to my account i.e. website creator, how I can do this without creating my own payment gateway? I don’t have budget of creating my own payment gateway. Are there any API like things to do this?

Normally the site owner would take all payments then do a daily/weekly/monthly reconciliation to pay out the video uploaders.

Often this is done manually via the bank/payment gateway that holds the funds, if you have the budget it could be automated but that could be very complex and expensive to do.


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