How to get 1000 visitor from Facebook?

I have more than 2000 friend in my facebook account but every time I share an infographic content I not able to reach 200 visiter itself, please share your experience that where I lagging

10% conversion rate would be a good result, IMO…


Cause organic reach was dead on Facebook. :wave:

Really appreciate that you have 2K friends in your FB account. But, you didn’t mentioned how many members are following you.

Do you have a page?
If yes…how many page likes do you have and how many members are following your page?

When you’re posting infographics the content has to be covered with latest infographic and the infographic has to be very attractive.
Always speak with numbers to grab the user attention.

Tip: It’s better to write a blog on your website & then share it on FB and land the visitors on the website.

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currently i have only 260 follower, but i trying to increase it through infographics with some real data. Thank you.
“Please support me with more innovative idea”

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Have you tried varying the kind of content you post? Not everybody finds infographics fascinating (despite what some SEO/marketing “experts” would have you believe), and a wider range of content would be likely to appeal to a wider audience.

There’s a software offering solutions on how to increase attention to posts and get shares on facebook, like scheduling posts etc. I found this article really interesting.

Having more than 2000 friend in Facebook account seems to be a positive sign. This shows that you have high chances to reach more visitors than your expectation.

Whether you are new in creating or sharing infographic content, the below listed step-by-step guide will help you to reach people, acquire more brand recognition, generate backlinks, and traffic from your efforts who matter you the most.

Step #1: Create a Facebook fan page

Step #2: Invite your 2000 Facebook Friends to follow your page

Step #3:Customize all Infographic content into a stunning design

Step #4: Create eye catchy content

Step #5: Post your Infographic content on multiple Facebook Groups

Step #6: Reach your close friends to share the stunning Infographic content

There are many awesome infographics floating around web. So, make sure that your infographic post should delight your audience from several other creators.

ya that’s wright, thank you

hmmm…stunning design , eye catchy content. OK i start create wright now.
thank you so much

thank you, but can you tell any free tool rather than buffer and hootsuit please

You are posting only infographic or add some content? If you do not add content I will advice you for add content. I can be help for reach more engagement.

Getting 1K followers(Genuine) on facebook quickly isn’t eassy
There area some of the Steps to do!

  1. Active (You have to be active on Facebook)
  2. Post daily. Atleast post twice a day
  3. Post Quality Contents
  4. Use Hastags!
  5. And really important part make groups and do Comment for comment.
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First thing is Content you must have a good content on your infographic then only you will catch visitors eyes. Once you made High visitor then you dump garbage content then also it will work. But first you have to share you infographic at all type of groups with High populated member’s group.

First of all, as other users have answered, create a visionary content, analyze your target audience, focus on them. Prepare content that is interesting for them. Then, of course, use paid ads (Business Manager recommended).

If your goal in getting viewers is “I can put out garbage content”, stop. Get off of facebook, get out of SEO, just stop.

Its not a game to be won, its not about cheating your way to the top, its not a dick-size contest. Stop treating it like those things, and start treating it like the TOOL that it is. Leverage it to bring the best content to your viewers.

facebook paid campaigns would be helpful you can reach 1000 likes and followers with in a short period of time pricing is very less when compare to other social media platforms and google ads but audience targeting needs to be relevant to your industry

Try to tag all your friends on your info-graphics. Or you can create an Public group keep add your all friend on that group and share your content over that group.

One more thing try to mix with the content not only promotional content. Mix with generic and promotion content both.

Or you have budget then go with paid campaign, Create a nice 30 sec video and do page like promotion.

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Thanks to those who contributed.